OnePlus Ace 2V (Nord 3) to feature sensorless Bluetooth car key support

OnePlus Ace Nord 3 Car key feature

OnePlus Ace 2V (Nord 3) confirms to support an ideal car key feature. The Chinese tech maker recently teased the device in a new promo poster, highlighting that the ultimate invention can help you with driving even when your car key is not with you.

According to the information, the company dropped a bunch of images on the official Weibo channel. Consequently, these snaps show that OnePlus Ace 2V (Nord 3) will arrive on the consumer platform with a sensorless Bluetooth car key feature.

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On the flip side, the details also reflect that the phone will support the “My Vehicle” function with a negative screen on the phone. Currently, this function is not present in the device, but the tech giant will soon avail it. Notably, the phone also supports the BYD NFC car key.

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For your information, a phone supporting car keys is often termed a digital car key. Often, it enables the user to lock, unlock, and start their car from their Android gadget, without using the physical car key.

So far, the feature was present in the Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S21+ devices. But finally, OnePlus has started following the trend and is bringing access to car key support to its devices.

Another interesting point is, OnePlus fans will find similar gaming features and mechanisms in the Ace 2V as they have seen in the 11R handset. Yes, the handy gadget includes a game computing engine, an adaptive refresh rate for games, and more.

OnePlus Ace Nord 3 Car key feature

In the meantime, the OnePlus China President – Li JieLouis unboxed the Ace 2V and introduced some color-matching accessories like a charger, phone cooler, and a silicone case with it. After a long time, the manufacturer has designed the most sleek-looking and beautiful handset.

Eventually, many fans responded that it is the perfect design for the Nord 3. That’s just the beginning! Let’s see what else we will get on March 7.

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