OnePlus could launch new foldable gadgets in 2023

OnePlus could launch new foldable gadgets in 2023

OnePlus is working on some new foldable gadgets that it might launch by 2023. By the term gadgets, it would have become clear that more than one foldable device will arrive next year. The latest information reveals that the company is planning to unveil a bunch of new flip-flop models in the upcoming year.


A Twitter handle has grabbed our attention by sharing a teasing image. Consequently, the image reflects that the OnePlus is working hastily for unveiling fresh foldable models in 2023. On the other hand, some rumors are sailing with the statement that the OnePlus foldable may adopt Find N Design from the OPPO foldable devices.

OnePlus could launch new foldable gadgets in 2023

However, for the moment there is a lack of information regarding the new device and its features. Since OnePlus is in the fame for producing high-end smartphones, we could expect something exclusive from the company. What actually will land on the surface can only become visible in the future.

On the flip side, it also seems like tech giants such as Samsung and Huawei will get a new competitor in the market. Foldable handsets are in demand in the consumer platform. Besides, more manufacturer means more competition as well as more options to explore. Hence price tag plays a vital role in turning the table upside down.


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