OnePlus Nord users facing issues with Bluetooth connectivity

A few months ago OnePlus launched its first mid-range smartphone, ‘OnePlus Nord’. As compared to the company’s flagship smartphones, this device also has some great features and was praised for this in the smartphone market.

Meanwhile, some new reports suggest that OnePlus Nord users are experiencing Bluetooth disconnecting issues. As per the users’ reports on the OnePlus community forum, Bluetooth pairs with their devices fine but after a few minutes, it gets disconnected.



Some users are saying that Bluetooth gets disconnected during calls while some are saying that every time they connect to Nord, they get disconnected. Another report says that Bluetooth audio starts stuttering when in a pocket or when the top of the phone is touched.

On the other hand, users have tried everything they could but the issue still continues. For now, we can’t clarify why is it happening but yes, this is an annoying issue. Hope the issue will soon reach the company or any staff member so that they could fix this issue as quickly as possible.

What about upcoming updates?

OnePlus confirmed that the OnePlus Nord smartphone will get software support until July 2023, three years of support. No words about the major Android OS upgrades yet.

Note: These issues are reported on official OnePlus Forums. This report is based on the respective sources and informed by the users. In addition, the issue may be limited to some users, may not be applicable to all.

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