Samsung developing 3rd-gen Google Tensor chipset

Samsung 3rd gen Google Tensor

Google introduced its first-ever custom mobile processor with the Pixel 6 series last year. The company is already working Tensor 2 chipset which will debut with the Pixel 7 series and is taking help from Samsung in simulating it.

Now new reports are appearing online that reveal that the Tensor 3 chipset is also under development. Again, Samsung is helping in manufacturing the 3rd-gen Google Tensor chipset.


According to the information by GalaxyClub, Google is testing the third generation of Tensor under the dev board named ‘Ripcurrent‘. Whereas, previously it was reported that the Tensor 2 is codenamed ‘Cloudripper‘.

The report also reveals that the 3rd-gen Google Tensor holds a model number S5P9865. However, there’s still no model number leak appeared for the Tensor 2 processor. The existing Tensor 1 is S5P9845. Therefore, noticing the company’s pattern of model numbering its chipsets, the Tensor 2 could be S5P9855.

Samsung 3rd gen Google Tensor

Moving on, Google launched the first Tensor processor at the time of Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100 processors. Unfortunately, the Tensor was not as powerful as the creations of both traditional chip giants.

And at this time, we don’t know the improvements the 3rd-gen Googler Tensor is bringing for the Pixel devices, however, it is clear that there’s a lot Google should be working on.

We can expect that with the help of Samsung tech, the 2nd and 3rd gen Google Tensor chipset will bring more power efficiency and performance to the upcoming Pixel phones.

Samsung Exynos 1380 is under development as well:

While Samsung is helping Google in manufacturing the Tensor chipset, the company continues to develop its custom processor – Exynos 1380. This is the processor for the successor of Galaxy A53 that uses an Exynos 1280 chipset.

The under-developing Exynos 1380 is coded S5E8835 and it will be introduced with the next year’s Galaxy A54.

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