Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra outperforms its rivals in DXOMARK Display test

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has recently gone through a rigorous DXOMARK Display test suite to measure its performance across six criteria and you will not believe that the device earned an overall top spot in the Display protocol ranking by outperforming its rivals including Pixel 8 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra sits at the first position globally with 155 points. Google’s Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8 come in second and third place with just a point behind. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is a bit behind at the seventh spot with 149 points. Whereas, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is also further back at the twelfth position.

DXOMARK test suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra display offers good readability under sunlight due to its 2,600 nits advertised peak brightness. This earns it 161 points in readability score. The phone’s screen is also equipped with Corning’s latest Gorilla Armor which is touted to reduce reflections by up to 75 percent.

In direct sunlight, the user does not need to find a shade or cover the screen with a hand to read the contents on the display. However, in the benchmark’s testing results, the screen brightness was inconsistent in other conditions. It was too high at night and too low in indoor environments.

Samsung  Galaxy S24 Ultra Display Pros 

  • Good readability under sunlight thanks to a very high peak brightness
  • Improved management of screen reflections, thanks to advanced glass technology
  • Accurate color rendering  in most lighting environments
  • Excellent management of frame mismatches when watching all types of videos or playing video games

Samsung  Galaxy S24 Ultra Display Cons 

  • Excessively high brightness levels in video performance
  • Lack of brightness and details in indoor lighting environment
  • Poor management of involuntary touches


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra DXOMARK Display test


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra outperforms its rivals in DXOMARK Display test

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