Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 to offer less visible screen crease: Tipster

Key Points

  • Samsung planning to reduce the Galaxy Z Fold 6 screen crease.
  • Galaxy Z Fold 6 crease could be maximized via a thicker UTG solution.
  • Samsung might also use a thicker UTG for the Galaxy Z Flip 6 as well.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 is expected to feature a less visible screen crease, just like the Galaxy Z Flip 6. Foldable smartphones have greatly succeeded in recent years, offering users a unique combination of portability and larger screens.

But one challenge that has haunted these devices is the presence of a visible crease. However, the problem didn’t seem to last long as, Samsung might be planning to address this issue by significantly reducing the screen crease of its upcoming foldables.

A reliable tipster @UniverseIce suggests that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 display crease has reduced to some extent. According to testers, the upcoming foldable device showcases a reduction in screen creases compared to its predecessors. While it is not eliminated completely.


However, the exact technology behind this accomplishment remains undisclosed. But we can expect that the Korean tech giant might use Galaxy Z Flip 6 like thicker UTG solution to minimize Galaxy Z Fold 6 screen crease.

Yes, some previous reports suggest that Samsung will use 50 microns thick UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) for Flip 6. You can read more. Here. This improvement promises to deliver a more seamless and immersive foldable experience.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 to offer less visible screen crease: Tipster

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