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Samsung Modem could help Pixel 9 series to support satellite connectivity 

One exciting news suggests that the Pixel 9 series could come equipped with satellite connectivity and the new Samsung modem 5400 could play a role in making this happen. This means that Google’s upcoming flagship devices could potentially support satellite connectivity. 

As per the information of Android Authority, Google is planning to boast the Pixel 9 Series with a powerful and all-new Tensor G4 chip and this processor will bring with it a brand-new modem. Yes, the Pixel 9 series is expected to utilize the new Samsung Modem 5400.

This allows Pixel devices to connect to satellites via 5G non-terrestrial networks (NTN). Notably, Satellite connectivity is a most awaited and innovative feature that allows users to stay connected even in areas with limited or no traditional network coverage.


However, it’s a game-changer for those who frequently find themselves in remote or rural areas. Accordingly, the Pixel 9 series satellite connectivity service might initially be limited to T-Mobile, leveraging SpaceX’s Starlink “direct to cell” network.

This means the consumers of the Pixel 9 series might only be limited to sending text messages initially. Simultaneously, the new Samsung modem is expected to be faster and more power-efficient. While, it is coming to all cellular-enabled Tensor G4 devices, including Pixel 9 series and the upcoming Pixel Fold.

Pixel 9 Series to use Samsung Modem 5400

  • A new modem that supports satellite connectivity is coming to the Pixel 9 series, next-gen Fold, and a 5G tablet.


Samsung Modem could help Pixel 9 series to support satellite connectivity 

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