Samsung won’t bring Detailed Enhancer to Galaxy S21 camera, but Snapchat integration is coming

Samsung S21 Detailed Enhancer 

Samsung has begun rolling out its biggest Galaxy S22 camera update a few days ago. This update brought a bunch of new and improved features for the top Galaxy S series phones. Meanwhile, Samsung is now planning to expand this update to Galaxy S21 series, but without the Detailed Enhancer feature.

Recently, a Samsung Community moderator revealed that the company will soon bring the Galaxy S22 camera update to the Galaxy S21 series phones but the date is not confirmed yet as Samsung is facing troubles in integrating some features.


The moderator further says that Samsung Galaxy S21 will not get Galaxy S22’s Detailed Enhancer feature with the update. According to the information, the NPU (Neural Processing Unit) performance of the Galaxy S21 is much different from Galaxy S22, which makes it difficult for Samsung to incorporate the Detailed Enhancer into its camera.

But this is not a big loss for Galaxy S21 devices as these already have great camera quality. The phones, especially the S21 Ultra, feature excellent detail reproduction, an impressive 10x zoom, and just-right image processing.

Samsung S21 Detailed Enhancer 

On the bright side, the Samsung moderator has also revealed the integration of another feature to the Galaxy S21 stock camera which is Snapchat. This app on your phone’s camera will allow high-resolution image capture without necessitating a switch to the default camera app.

With Galaxy S21’s Snapchat feature, you will be able to capture the best of both worlds – Snapchat’s filters and the nicety of sharing media with your friends directly, combined with Samsung features like night mode, Space Zoom, and portrait video.

As mentioned, the release date of this feature is not confirmed yet. Considering the new camera features, the future Galaxy S21 update is worth waiting for.


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