Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Smartphones – March 2023

Samsung Galaxy smartphones 2023

Samsung is well-known for its tech-pack inventions. Whether we look for software qualities or hardware products, the tech maker never misses a chance to surprise its consumers with new features. And it would be more interesting to learn which Samsung Galaxy smartphones will make their way to 2023.

To begin this year, Samsung introduced the gigantic Galaxy S23 series, including the vanilla S23 model, the Plus Variant, and the most favorite among users – the Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone.

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Subsequently, the company begins its preparation for some mid-range devices. In the meantime, we heard several interesting leaks and rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy smartphones that will take place in 2023.


In accordance, the list initially counts the Galaxy A54 and A34 handsets that will launch on March 16. Within a few days, we will get our eyes on the ultimate handy gadgets that fit our budget but offers iconic features just like the high-end Galaxy S23 models.

On the other hand, we are hearing about the Galaxy M14 5G which will be positioned as a low-end phone. Till now, there is no leak on the launch date of the M-tagged model. But we will soon arrive at the conclusion point for this smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones 2023

The list further reads the name of two new foldable – Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. As per the input revealing, we could find these devices in August on the consumer platform.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy smartphones in 2023:
  • Samsung Galaxy A54 – March 16
  • Samsung Galaxy A34 – March 16
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 – August 2023
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 – August 2023

In addition to these handsets, we are expecting the Galaxy S23 FE model this year. Unfortunately, the company will take some more time to bring the Fan Edition to the launch stage.

We will keep updating the track to new devices as soon as we hit some fresh information. Stay Tuned.

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