Xiaomi Mi 11 optimized for Honor of Kings’ “Breaking Dawn” version

Last month, Xiaomi Mi 11 launched in China with amazing new features and attractive design. It comes with a wireless microphone, infrared remote control, NFC, fingerprint heart rate detection function, large horizontal linear motor, Harman Carton dual speaker, Bluetooth audio sharing, and more.

According to the latest information, the new update of the Mi 11 adopts the latest version of the Honor of Kings. The information has officially confirmed by Zhang Guoquan, director of the system software department of Xiaomi‘s mobile phone.

The new version of Tencent’s Honor of Kings “Breaking Dawn” was released last week. The “breaking dawn” version of the map adopts Chinese aesthetic design and reference garden landscaping, creating a new valley.

The game uses generative rendering technology with PBR 02.0 HDR. The new version supports global display optimization through upgraded pre-calculated baking technology, based on image quality and visual effects the energy consumption remains constant.

Earlier, Qualcomm also stated that the Snapdragon 8 and 7 series powered smartphones also offered the targeted optimization of GPU rendering for special effects.


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