PlayStation 5 to add more exclusives than previous generations of Sony consoles

PlayStation 5

The company plans to continue working towards acquiring new studios in response to competition from the Xbox. Speaking with the Nikkei newspaper, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said that in response to competition from Microsoft, the company will continue to work towards buying new studios and developing more exclusive projects.

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According to Ryan, the PlayStation 5 will feature significantly more games than previous generations of Sony consoles. “We are quietly and confidently continuing to invest in high-quality PlayStation games. And we will make sure that there are more exclusives on the PS5 generation than ever . “

Ryan also touched on the shortage of PlayStation 5 on store shelves. The head of the SIE attributes the problem to the consequences of the pandemic and assures that if everything goes according to plan, the situation will improve by the end of 2021.

On the other hand, the Xbox Cloud Gaming service will not appear on Nintendo Switch consoles. Recall that this is a gaming cloud service, which, unlike all existing competitors, works by subscription, providing access to more than a hundred games for little money.

The service is already available as part of beta testing on Android, it has already started coming out on iOS and PC but will not appear on Switch. Sources say this, citing a well-known industry analyst.

The launch of Xbox Cloud Gaming on Switch would make the console interesting for many gamers who are not interested in Nintendo games but are interested in the concept of portable and hybrid gaming. At the same time, for Nintendo, this would mean a partial loss of uniqueness and exclusivity.

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