Samsung replied to Galaxy S23 Ultra screen issue complaints

Samsung S23 Ultra battery

Samsung has now initiated the shipping procedure of its latest flagship product but looks like the new device has already shown some defects to its new owners. Recently, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra users complained about a strange screen issue. Fortunately, without any delay, the company has responded to the matter.

As per Samsung UK, if you flash a hard light on the display panel of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it might result in the screen being squashed or pressed. The company clarified that this happens due to the pressing process for waterproofing and dust proofing.

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In short, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen issue is not a product defect. Notably, all Samsung gadgets have passed through strict internal quality inspections. Although lines after the refraction of light may be seen at certain angles under strong light as the display panel contains a surface of tempered glass, dustproof, and waterproof layer.

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It’s worth mentioning that the company has also published the same issue on its Taiwanese support page last year. The tech maker described that the display panel is composed of many layers, including the surface toughened glass, which is directly covered on the display panel.

Further, it adopts a waterproof/dustproof structural design, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of external objects or liquids.

“If your shine a strong light on the display, some parts may appear to be squashed/pressed, this happens because of the pressing process for waterproofing and dust proofing. This is not a product defect. Everything is fine with your phone.”

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen issue

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