Samsung to bring same display peak brightness for all Galaxy S23 models

Samsung Galaxy S23 display

Samsung Galaxy S23 series is just a few days away from the official launch. In the meantime, eager analysts are bringing the major specs and details about the coming flagships. Accordingly, the new tweaks suggest that Samsung will bring the same display peak brightness for all the Galaxy S23 models.

So far, the company used to differentiate its standard and the other high-end models with significant techs and elements. Ultimately, the display peak brightness is also one of them. In Galaxy S22 devices, the company has used different display peak brightness for the standard (1300 nits) and other two handsets (1750 nites).

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However, this time, the tech maker will make some alterations in the historical moments. In simple words, the classic Samsung Galaxy S23 and the other ‘Plus’ and ‘Ultra’ models will have the same display peak brightness.

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A Twitter tipster recently said that all three models of the Galaxy S23 series feature the same display brightness – 1750 nits. As a result, it will be beneficial for all the users to read and watch content on their phone screens even in sunlight.

Samsung Galaxy S23 display