Sony is working on an update to resolve PlayStation 4 CMOS battery issue

PlayStation 5

Recently, renowned modder Lance MacDonald caused a stir in the PlayStation community by announcing that in the future, PS4 players will not be able to play digital and disc versions of games due to the CMOS battery.

If she “dies”, then a simple replacement will not be enough to recover. The console must authenticate online with Sony’s servers, which is a problem, if Sony decides to shut down the PS4 servers in the future, devices with a replaced battery will not be able to authenticate.

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Given that the PlayStation 5 is equipped with a similar battery, many feared that the problem would appear on the next-generation console. For this reason, DoesItPlay enthusiasts conducted several tests and found out – it will be so.

Disc games on PS4 will probably work even without a battery and without an internet connection. On PS5, some work, and some won’t even install. Digital games are not working on the S5 and this will be a big problem for owners of the Digital Edition of the console. After installing the battery, the console connected to the servers.

But now it’s too early to worry. The servers on both consoles will remain active for years to come. But the sudden closures of the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP stores have raised concerns from a community that doesn’t want to lose access to something previously taken for granted.

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