ECG support is now available in the US on Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Watch Active 2 now support ECG in the US with the latest software update. Samsung announced FDA approval for an ECG feature at the launch of the Watch 3, and now the feature is rolling out to users in the US.

The Galaxy Watch 3 is getting software version R840XXU1BTHA and the size is 47MB. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 update comes with version R820XXU1CTH8 and size 290MB.



It will soon be available through the Samsung Health Monitor app when connected to a compatible Galaxy smartphone. The new ECG Monitor app allows users to monitor heart rhythm for irregularities, scanning for signs of Atrial Fibrillation.

How to use the ECG Monitor app?

To use the ECG Monitor app, simply take a seat, open up the new Samsung Health Monitor app, and ensure your watch is snug your wrist. Rest your arm on a flat surface, place your fingertip on the top button, and your watch will record an ECG and classify it as either Sinus Rhythm, or AFib.

Once the reading is complete, users can record relevant symptoms like fatigue or dizziness, and send a PDF report of their ECG recording with their healthcare provider using the Samsung Health Monitor app on a compatible Galaxy smartphone.



In addition to ECG monitoring, you can also conveniently track oxygen saturation on Galaxy Watch 3. This feature can help users get a sense of how well their respiratory system is transferring oxygen into the bloodstream for fitness or other general wellness purposes.

Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner, or just looking to get back into shape, this device also features tools for taking your training to the next level. A new digital running coach offers real-time feedback on pace and form, as well as detailed post-workout reports to improve performance and reduce injury. Post-workout VO2 max reports also allow users to effortlessly track their cardio fitness progress, measuring the amount of oxygen your body can utilize when running outside.


To help improve your sleep so you can recover better, Galaxy Watch 3 also comes with advanced sleep-tracking features, which measure breathing, vitals, and REM cycles throughout the night, then use an algorithm to score your rest for the evening. Each morning, users can view a detailed report and receive tips on how to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Galaxy Watch 3 merges timeless design with a cutting-edge suite of wellness features—and for users seeking a more modern, minimalist look, Galaxy Watch Active 2 also supports new tools like Running Analysis, VO2 max, and Fall Detection.

Together, these two devices ensure that no matter your style preference, you can find a powerful companion for managing your routines, smashing your fitness goals, and taking ownership of your health with a smartwatch that meets your needs.

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