After the release of iOS 14, Top 20 HomeScreen optimization apps Hits 5.7M Installs in just few days

Apple released iOS 14 on Sept 16 with a new customizable widget option that allows users to design their home screen accordingly. With the release of iOS 14, many other third-party apps are also been introduced to provide users with more home screen customizable options.

As reported by recent data from Sensor Tower, the top 20 customization apps have reached 5.7 million downloads. In just four days of iOS 14 release, they have generated $400,000. It seems that this new feature by Apple has gained popularity only in few days of its release. The downloads of these apps are increasing day by day and users also seem happy while using them.

The list of the top 20 most installed apps includes:

Widgetsmith, Color Widgets, Photo Widget, Photobox Widget, MemoWidget, Home Photo Widget, Motivation Widget, Ermine, Date Today, Hey Weather, TimeDeck, Widgeridoo, Glimpse 2, Widget Wizard, Widget Web, Locket, ItemMemo, OMDZ, Clock Widget for Home Screen and Photo Widgets.

The data disclosed that Widgetsmith, Color Widgets, and Photo Widget were the most downloaded apps. These apps consist of 95% of installs from the recorded 5.7 million total downloads all over the globe. Remarkably, they have become the top 3 applications in the home screen design apps list. Widgetsmith individually earned $370,000 among all the other apps.

Although the consumers are unable to find the apps in one place due to the category distribution. Some of the apps are shown in productivity while others are categorized as Utility apps. This makes it difficult for users to make comparisons between them.

As iOS 14 has effectively created a whole new category for apps, if the trend continues for a long time, it is possible that the company may consider adding a customization category to App Store in the future.

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