Alibaba Cloud considering a plan to independently operate and list

Alibaba is considering a plan to independently operate and list Alibaba Cloud. People familiar with the matter said that before the end of the month, Alibaba Cloud will conduct another round of structural adjustments.

A former Alibaba Cloud executive stated that he has heard rumors of Alibaba Cloud’s independence but has not received exact information. He also believes that it will definitely be split.


It is worth mentioning that there are also rumors that Alibaba Cloud will be merged into Ant Group, similar to JD Cloud merged into JD Technology. Another source also noticed out that Ali will declare the development in the near future.

Alibaba Cloud is a company of Alibaba Group, founded in 2009, is the world’s leading cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology company, giving users free trials, cloud servers, cloud databases, cloud security, cloud enterprise applications Wait for cloud computing services and so on.

From the results of Alibaba in the fourth quarter of 2020, it can be seen that Alibaba’s cloud computing business has achieved milestone progress.

In the quarter, Alibaba Cloud’s revenue reached 16.115 billion yuan, an expansion of 50% year-on-year. the adjusted EBITA turned positive and achieved a profit of 24 million yuan. This is the first time that Alibaba Cloud has achieved a breakeven since its establishment in 2009.


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