Android 12 Features Wishlist

Android 12

In 2020, the Android operating system got smarter and faster with the introduction of Android 11. With this new version of Android, Google has added plenty of new yet polished features for the users.

Android 11 is mainly built to simplifying three areas of the user experience: Communication, Smart devices management, and Control over privacy & app permissions.

Some of the most interesting features of Android 11 are:

Conversations: This allows you to manage active conversation from one place or prioritize key contacts for instant updates.

Bubbles: Respond to important contacts without switching back and forth from any active apps.

Built-in screen recorder: Android 11 introduced this new feature to allow users to record what’s happening on the screen.

Control connected device and media: Manage all of the connected devices from one place and access the redesigned new media controls.

Better Privacy and Data Control: Users can give One Time Permission to apps, so it has to ask for permission again. Permission Auto Reset will reset permissions for apps that aren’t used for a while.

We’re convinced that Google indeed did some new things with Android 11.

And, we are going to see the rollout of Android 11 based software skins such as One UI, MIUI, OxygenOS, and others throughout next year. So, you’ll hear the Android 11 rollout news in 2021 as well.

But we’ve already started the discussion on Android 12 and we are moving forward by speculating or hyping the upcoming features of this major Android version with our Android 12 Features wishlist.

Also, if you’ve any feature that you want to add to this list of Android 12, do mention it in the comments.

Always on Display Widgets:

Always on Display is a very useful feature that allows users to view important notifications on display even when the display is off. Since its first introduction, AOD has evolved into different devices but this feature in Pixel devices remains the same and boring.

Even in Android 11, Google didn’t bring customization for AOD for Pixel smartphone. On the other hand, smartphone makers such as Samsung offers a various range of customization including:

  • Clock styles
  • Clock text colors
  • Add gifs on the lock screen

It’s time, that Google brings these additions to Android 12 and make the lock screen of Pixel phones a little more interesting.

Scrolling screenshot:

With Android 11, users were expecting to see the new scrolling screenshot feature but Google didn’t introduce this feature. Instead, Google launched the screen recording feature.

Again, the scrolling screenshot feature is already offered by several smartphone makers including Samsung for a long time. So with Android 12, we hope that Google will make this feature come true.

Support for third party app Stores:

Aside from the Play Store, users already have the option to download apps from third-party stores such as Samsung Galaxy Store.

With Android 12, Google plans to make the installation and use of third party app stores even easier. (via 9to5Google).

Project Mainline:

Google’s Project Mainline converts part of your favorite smartphone operating system into modules that are treated as independent portions of the wider build.

It was introduced with Android and mainly aims to make core updates easier by decoupling them from the main system into modules. With a mainline module, Android Runtime can or could be fully updateable without even OTA updates rollout.

Updates to Android Runtime could simply be pushed through Google Play Store, which means less reliance on full System updates from OEMs.

More Navigation gestures:

Navigation gestures are one the most advanced, easiest, and faster way to navigate through the user interface and the software features of the smartphone.

Although, Android 11 devices comes with various new gestures to open recent apps, open a certain app, change playback song, and more.

We’ll add more features as new inputs come…

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