Google’s Android 12 automatically applies theme based on your wallpaper

Android 12 has left the developer preview stage, and Android 12 Beta activates many features hidden in previous versions. These previously disabled features include privacy indicators, improved widgets, overhauled designs for quick setup, etc.

The latest version also brings the first major design overhaul since Android 9 Pie and adopts the new Material You design language. One of the most exciting features of this new design concept is that it is adaptive and can optimize the colors in the UI to match your wallpaper.

Google insists that Android 12 is designed to make your experience private and “deeply personal.” According to this agenda, Android 12 will now automatically select a set of related color palettes in the entire system user interface based on the colors used in the phone’s current wallpaper.

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This feature is internally called “currency” and can be seen as an evolution of the RRO and OMS APIs, which have been used in Android for several years and used in a basic way with Google’s “Pixel Themes” application. According to the keynote speech of Google I/O 2021, colors will be uniformly applied among elements such as lock screen, quick settings, notification panel, and even newly added adaptive widgets.

Google’s description of this feature is very promising, but unfortunately, it is not easy to use this feature in Android 12 Beta. The developer kdrag0n is known for his work on ProtonAOSP ROM and ProtonKernel for Pixel devices and has managed to make it run in Android 12 DP1. At the time, they told us that the feature works by “dynamically applying RRO overlays based on color similarity.” They also have working demos of the latest Beta features.

The system has been perfected since it first appeared a few months ago. Today, Google says that the color extraction system uses a clustering algorithm with a “material” color target to determine the primary and secondary colors, and then applies the hue that matches your wallpaper.

A rich palette of 5 colors-2 neutral and 3 accent colors-and 12 “material” color shades can be used to determine the hue that is closest to the user’s wallpaper. The application can then extract the Android system color from the index into the palette and use it in many different, subtle ways.

The widget can even use the color extraction function to align with the user theme on the home screen. We hope that this feature will be released in a future Android 12 version after its debut on Pixel phones. We are very happy to try it ourselves.


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