Android Emergency SOS 911 calls

Android Emergency SOS feature gets a new way to avoid accidental 911 calls

Emergency SOS is a significant feature in Android phones, but often it ends up troubling users with false 911 calls. Thanks to Google, the company has added a new way and some useful improvements that prevent accidental 911 calls.

To those who are unaware, the Emergency SOS feature is a great help when stuck in an urgent situation. Tapping five times on the power button immediately results in a 911 call, notifies emergency contacts, and initiates a video recording using the Personal Safety app (for some devices).

However, the unnecessary 911 calls on Android Emergency SOS became a headache for first responders in some cases. Looking into the outcome and difficulties, Google made changes to resolve the issue.

As a result, you will now see a new default setting for Android Emergency SOS which asks you to touch and hold your finger on the screen for three seconds and confirm the 911 call requirements. Eventually, you won’t need to stress about the pocket dials anymore.

On the flip side, you can also opt for the previous action if you don’t want to use this behavior. Since the change came into existence in June this year, it might have reached all users to date. In case you didn’t receive it, wait patiently as the company is pushing it off gradually.

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Android Emergency SOS 911 calls


Android Emergency SOS feature gets a new way to avoid accidental 911 calls

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