Xiaomi smart car HyperOS

One more thing! First Xiaomi smart car to feature innovative HyperOS technology

Xiaomi HyperOS is nearing its launch and the company constantly dropping new inputs about its self-developed operating system. Flashing more light on how far the amazing OS can be stretched, Xiaomi said that its first smart car – the MS11 will feature innovative HyperOS capabilities alongside HyperConnect technology.

During the HyperOS introduction, Xiaomi said that the new OS would not remain confined to phones but would make its way to the smart car and other products as well.

Confirming the statement, the company now shared a new post on Weibo and defined how HyperConnect boosts the interconnection framework and targets tens of billions of connections to bring ‘the full ecology experience’. Eventually, the product is a set of unified interconnection protocols and is independent of dynamic real-time networking across devices.

HyperConnect – powered by HyperOS will let users and devices communicate seamlessly with one another. This move promises to redefine the concept of a smart car making the MS11 more than just a vehicle and enhancing the overall driving experience.

It’s unclear when the Chinese OEM will make this product official or launch its new car. Although the company has posted new teasers on the online social media platform. You can look at these shots below.

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Xiaomi smart car HyperOS

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One more thing! First Xiaomi smart car to feature innovative HyperOS technology

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