Apple facing class action lawsuit for exaggerating iPhone’s waterproof function

Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit in New York, in which the company is accused of making false claims about the iPhone’s ability to resist liquid penetration and exaggerating the water-resistance of its equipment.

For example, the iPhone 7 is rated IP67, which means it can work up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. Since iPhone 11, Apple has moved to IP68, with the company claiming the iPhone 12 is the most water-resistant of any Apple smartphone.

However, the lawsuit states that real users who were at sea or by the pool may void the warranty even for a short drive since the water contains chlorine or salt, and all laboratory experiments for compliance with the degrees of protection are carried out with clean water.

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Many iPhone users are not worried about the possible contact of smartphones with water, as advertising materials confirm their waterproof properties. However, if the device breaks down, many are faced with the refusal of warranty repair due to the discovery of traces of moisture penetration inside.

In November 2020, the Italian antitrust agency fined Apple 10 million euros for the same reason: the company claims that smartphones are waterproof, but does not repair water-damaged devices.


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