CRSED: FOAD multiplayer online game gets new season and big update, ‘The Rock’ 

Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software announced the release of the “Rock” update for the brutal shooter CRSED: FOAD A new, eighth Hero – combat ecologist-geologist Katrina Matadi – will burst into the hot battles to the death.

In addition, players will be able to summon a ghostly Reaper, quietly shoot enemies with a crossbow, avoid ambushes with sonar, mount Clyde in the form of a beast, and shoot on the go, set fireworks traps – and there are just some of the new tricks.

Katrina Matadi, an orphan from DR Congo, dug cobalt ore in the mines of an unprincipled corporation as a child, and there she discovered the ability to find rare minerals. Katrina managed to work in geological exploration, collect documents on the crimes of the leadership, but she found herself on the run and is looking for allies against the exploiters of child labor.

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Her special ability “Bastion” is a stone shield that blocks bullets, partially protects against melee weapons, and reduces damage from explosions for 25 seconds. In this case, Katrina’s head will remain unprotected, in addition, she cannot move quickly. But at will, Katrina can scatter stone armor, throwing aside other soldiers, grenades, zombies – everything that is poorly secured.

CRSED: FOAD is a shooter where marksmanship alone is not enough for success – it is important to be able to use supernatural abilities and gadgets, the arsenal of which is regularly replenished. For example, in “The Rock” the Reaper is added – a ghostly monster that tirelessly pursues all living things, can fly through walls, and is unusually tenacious.

It can be summoned using a trap or a witch’s bag, but the main thing is not to be alone with your own Reaper. And the new Sonar artifact will come in handy for players who prefer to run towards danger, not away from it. If enemies are nearby, it emits rare sound pulses, the frequency of which increases as it approaches the detected target. But the active sonar is heard by everyone around, too, which unmasks its owner.

There are other new additions to the Rock update – weapons, abilities, cosmetic items, and costumes. You can learn more about them on the official website.

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