Apple’s foldable iPhone display may be sized around 7.5 to 8-inches

Apple’s foldable iPhone has been in the news for a long time now and the leaks are still continuously coming. According to analyst ‘Ming-Chi Kuo’, Apple is looking to launch a foldable phone that could have a screen size between 7.5 to 8-inches.

Kuo says that the product has not yet started, meanwhile, competitors like Samsung, Motorola have released multiple foldable phones though they are mostly expensive and clearly an early implementation of the new technology.

According to Kuo, the screen will be iPad Mini-sized when folded out, so it is clearly understood that Apple is going for the Galaxy Fold approach and would have a regular-sized phone that folds out into a small tablet.

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The launch of this new phone is dependent on Apple itself being able to solve key “technology and mass production issues” this year. Reports indicate that Apple has been working with both LG and Samsung on foldable OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display technology.

Apple will in a position to adopt the new technology after other companies have figured out the bugs and pitfalls. At present time it’s a popular approach to implementing this folding tech. However, we might have to wait for the launch of the new foldable device till the beginning of 2023.


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