Apple iOS 16.1 causing Wi-Fi disconnection problems on some iPhones

According to the feedback from multiple users on Reddit, Twitter, and Apple support community forums, their iPhones will periodically disconnect from Wi-Fi after updating to iOS 16.1, sometimes randomly. Their iPhones would disconnect periodically throughout the day, sometimes randomly, despite no changes to their environment.

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In addition, some users report that the iPhone sometimes disconnects from Wi-Fi when the phone is on standby at night. Some users have tried resetting all network settings on the iPhone, but the reset doesn’t seem to work.

 iOS 16.1 Wi-Fi disconnectionMoreover, iOS 16.1 was released last week and is the first major version update of the iOS 16 operating system since it was released in September. iOS 16.1 brings several new features to iPhone users, including Live Activity.

This week, Apple began Beta testing of iOS 16.2, which is expected to be released later in November. It’s unclear if Apple plans to release an interim update to fix the Wi-Fi bug and other issues users are experiencing.


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