Apple iOS 17 journaling app

Apple iOS 17 journaling app may act as Sherlock Holmes for your iPhone

Apple is planning to unveil several dynamic features with the iOS 17 upgrade, and one of them could be the journaling app. This addition will appear as one of the stock applications that will be pre-installed on all new iPhone devices.

While most of the implementations in the upcoming Apple iOS 17 version sound pretty good, the journaling app could be a matter of disappointment for users. Why so? To know this, we need to understand how the new app will work.

Journaling – A daily activity where individuals pen down their actions, thoughts, decision, and more. Eventually, this task helps in reducing stress and increases self-awareness about work and actions that you will carry out throughout the day.

Inspired by the idea, Apple started working on a journaling app with the codename ‘Jurassic’. This will appear as a mental health tool and will help users to compile their daily tasks and activities.

Although, the app will deeply integrate with the location services, contacts, and other applications to extract the data. In other words, it will be able to look at data stored locally on your iPhone with access to your contacts, location, workouts, and more.

In short, more than a journal activity, the app will work as a Sherlock Holmes in your iPhone tracking every bit of your data and information.

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Though Apple’s documentation for Jurassic is careful to put user privacy and security at the center and all the user tracking data will remain safe in the local storage of the device. Let’s see whether the app will prove a blessing or trouble for Apple users in the time ahead.

Apple iOS 17 journaling app

Apple iOS 17 journaling app may act as Sherlock Holmes for your iPhone

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