OnePlus 10 Pro ColorOS 13.1

OnePlus 10 Pro starts receiving ColorOS 13.1 features

ColorOS 13.1 rollout has begun, and OnePlus 10 Pro is finally grabbing some new features. The company has baked the latest version with dynamic enhancements for efficiency, gaming, security, and other segments of the device.

As per the inputs, the OnePlus 10 Pro ColorOS 13.1 update is rolling out with the NE2210_13.1.0.120 (CN01). Ensure to have a sufficient amount of storage space as the firmware holds a package size of 967.67 Megabytes.

OnePlus 10 Pro packs high-end hardware capabilities, and the latest ColorOS 13.1 will further improve its usability. According to the changelog, the new firmware brings smart services and provides secure privacy and update accessibility.

ColorOS 13.1

Specifically, there’s a new game manager that helps to amplify the performance of games. It can also prevent unintended touches, and block reminders of SMS and notification to offer an interruption-free gaming experience. You can even control music easily while playing.

On the flip side, the fresh version welcomes seamless network connection between devices. You can efficiently swap your tasks and operations from one device to another without giving a pause. Next, the cross-device connection feature makes the interconnectivity more productive.

Ahead, the update brings sweetened security and privacy section that provides definite features to conduct online transactions and can help to find your phone even without a network.

You can read the full changelog HERE.

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Pay attention! The latest update is approaching users in batches. Hence, it could take a few days to cover all the units in the native region. Though you can knock on the Settings menu to see if a new version is waiting.

OnePlus 10 Pro is also the first to receive the OxygenOS 13.1 update in India. Looks like the company is keeping good care of its one-year-old flagship model, and we hope for the same treatment for other devices as well.

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OnePlus 10 Pro ColorOS 13.1

OnePlus 10 Pro starts receiving ColorOS 13.1 features

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