Apple iPhone 13/12s: Latest news, leaks, and rumors

Apple begins testing iPhone 15 with USB-C charging port

As per the trend, Apple launches a new iPhone series every year which and the latest is the iPhone 12 launched back in October last 2020. These new iPhones come with a bunch of premium features such as 5G connectivity, A14 Bionic processor, high-end camera, and much more.

Now, it’s 2021, and the company has started planning for its upcoming iPhones that will arrive at the same time as the previous ones. While there is still time for the launch of these iPhones and we have already received plenty of leaks and rumors regarding these upcoming models.

The upcoming iPhone 13/12s lineup is expected to come with some design changes over its predecessor. These new changes include a smaller notch and portless design. The company does not make any major changes in terms of design and keeps its tradition for a longer time.

The notch was introduced in the iPhone X for the first time and since then the Cupertino giant has been carrying it. Talking about the internal changes, there are plenty of features that might also be introduced internally such as the 1TB storage option that might come with the top-end model.

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Well, this is just the beginning of leaks and there are plenty to come as we move forward to the official release of the iPhone 13/12s. Also, there are still some questions about the naming scheme of these iPhones. It is believed that Apple may not use the number ’13’ for its upcoming iPhones as it is said to be unlucky in western countries.

This is the dedicated tracker of the iPhone 13 where you can get all the latest news, rumors, and leaks regarding these iPhones. This article will be regularly updated, so be in touch and stay updated for the upcoming Apple iPhones.

Apple iPhone 13/12s News, Leaks, and Rumors:

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