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Apple iPhone 16 may use micro-lens OLED to reduce power consumption

Apple iPhone 15 series is ready for launch and in the meantime, rumors for the next lineup have started emerging on the surface. According to the latest information, the Apple iPhone 16 is hearsay to use micro-lens tech for OLED panels to reduce power consumption and enhance brightness.

As per the reports, the display suppliers of iPhone – Samsung and LG will use micro-lens arrays for the OLED panels. This technology works by utilizing a uniform pattern of billions of lenses inside the panel that reduces internal reflections.

Eventually, it will help in both manners by increasing the brightness of the device while maintaining the power consumption. However, this tech is prone to both pros and cons. Firstly, it can reduce the side luminance which will narrow the display’s field of view.

On the other hand, applying micro-lens arrays to OLED would raise the manufacturing cost. Besides, the material from both suppliers is different and falls short of Apple’s standards. Thus, things aren’t confirmed whether the Apple iPhone 16 will use the micro-lens OLED panel or not. So take this piece of information with a grain of salt.

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Apple iPhone 16 micro-lens OLED


Apple iPhone 16 may use micro-lens OLED to reduce power consumption

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