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Apple macOS 14 Beta 7 brings several new animated wallpapers

Apple recently released the macOS 14 beta 7 which is full of some new improvements as well as several animated wallpapers. These posters go perfectly with the newly introduced lock screen. So far, previous beta builds have already offered 22 animated wallpapers. But in the current scenario, the company has expanded this list to 120 wallpapers.

Some of these posters might be familiar to you as they are derived from the Apple TV aerial screensavers. However, there are a variety of new additions that are categorized into four topics: Landscape, Cityscape, Underwater, and Earth.

In case you are getting confused between Cityscape and Landscape, the former comprises beautiful wallpapers from various locations around the world such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

Apple macOS 14 Beta animated wallpapers

Meanwhile, the latter includes places like the Sonoma River, Grand Canyon, Iceland Coast, Patagonia Lake, Yosemite Mountains, and Liwa Dune Fields. On applying, the animated wallpapers of macOS 14 beta remain static on the Apple Mac Desktop and alive on the lock screen.

These posters are part of the catalog and are updated remotely. Hence, you don’t have to install a specific beta firmware to get these wallpapers.

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Apple macOS 14 Beta 7 brings several new animated wallpapers

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