[Exclusive] Apple Watch render shows Apple’s vision for blood pressure monitoring

Apple has its own range of smartwatches which are pretty high on cost but provides a good value for money. Apple launched the Watch 3 Series back in 2017 with loads of features. It was recently reported that the company might be working on Apple Watch 3 prototype and some experiments are carried out to add some more unique features and the major feature that can measure blood pressure.

Meanwhile, the prototype has been leaked which gives us an important catch of the possible future Apple Watch. Based on the leaked prototype, the emerging concept creator HoiIndi has come up with some renders to understand Apple’s upcoming move on its watch.

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The next-gen Apple Watch is also said to come with the ability to measure Blood Pressure which is another major feature by Apple. With the last generation, Apple added Blood Oxygen monitoring to the Watch Series 6.

Let’s explore these renders

Each Apple Watch comes with a hidden interface that is used by the internals for testing purposes. While the leaked prototype has two more hidden interfaces that can be seen in the first render highlighted with two red circles. These made us think, what are they for?

As what’s known so far, it is believed that Apple could be planning for a smart strap for its watches with more added functionalities. To make blood pressure measuring a reality, Apple would be working on special sensors and that’s possible by taking the smartwatch band into works.

Considering the design of the watch which is the same as the regular Apple Watch 3, the Digital Crown on the right side, used for navigating through the watch. It has rounded corners rather than the expected flat edge on the upcoming version. (But this is the previous Apple Watch 3 in testing and not the new one)

Apple brings any feature with full accuracy and when it comes to health-related function, the Apple Watches are the first and foremost to be considered or to believe on. Previously, the Blood Oxygen and now Blood Pressure. Well, it remains to be seen as how the company proves its brand this time.

These concepts are the outcome of the creativity and imagination of an Apple fan based on the recent leak, it’s not something to be completely believed as the official confirmation is still awaited. The designer HoiIndi presented these renders based on the knowledge he took following the leaks and his imagination along with his talent made it possible for us to take a nap into the future coming gadgets.

For more such concepts or to appreciate this newly emerged concept designer, you must check out his other hits by following him on his social media via the mentioned link below.

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