Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 brings Tokyo Escape, next chapter with new Multiplayer maps, game modes, and more [Download Link]

Call of Duty Mobile released its first major update of 2021, this patch is now available for Android and should be making its way to iOS players. Before getting into the patch note below you can have a few call-outs.

This latest update brings a brand-new operator which is available to all players as soon as you update. You can now find Charly in your inventory and any new players coming into the game will automatically receive her as a default operator with no restrictions, no time limits, free for everyone.

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Call of Duty Mobile with Season 2 update indicates that the developer has prepared a high-octane firefight as Shoot House with the Multiplayer map list courtesy of Season 2 in COD Mobile. Call of Duty introduces Modern Warfare, the Shoot House 24/7 Playlist on mobile with Season 2 in the coming week.

Now, Call of Duty Mobile introduces Tokyo Escape, the third Season for Call of Duty: Mobile. This latest update releasing later this week, Season 3 ushers in a new chapter as well as a whole suite of new content, including two new Multiplayer maps, new weapons, the Overclock perk, new Operators and weapon Blueprints, events and challenges, and 50 tiers of new earnable rewards across the Season 3 Battle Pass.

Earn New Rewards in the Tokyo Escape Battle Pass

The Tokyo Escape Battle Pass features 50 brand-new tiers of free and premium content including new weapons, Operators, Blueprints, Charms, Calling Cards, emotes, and CoD Points. Progress through the tiers just by playing the game.

Battle Pass Free Tiers

Knockdown your enemies with the new Operator Skill— Bull Charge — unlocked at Tier 14, and spray a hail of fire using the new PP19 Bizon submachine gun unlocked at Tier 21.

Pass Tiers

Purchase the Battle Pass for the chance to earn all of the content available in the Tokyo Escape stream. Unlock the new Operator, Hidora Kai – The Boss, right at Tier 1, alongside the Type 25 – Oni, the Showdown Calling Card, and the Hannya Charm. Keep progressing through the tiers to earn COD Points, the Card Armor camo series, the Way of the Sword emote, and more.

New Multiplayer Maps: Oasis & Coastal

Take the fight to new locales as Oasis and Coastal join the Season 3 Multiplayer map rotation. First introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Oasis sets the scene in a luxurious desert hotel. This medium-sized map challenges Operators to battle it out across the hotel courtyard, spa, and parking lot, using every opportunity to outflank and outsmart opponents.

New Multiplayer Modes: Swords & Stones, Night Modes

Compete in new Multiplayer playlists with the introduction of Swords & Stones and Night Modes, arriving later in Season 3. In Swords & Stones, Operators deploy with melee weapons and grenades only. Take out enemies for a boost to your movement and attack speed, and fight for the Shadow Blade Operator Skill when it airdrops onto the map.

New Seasonal Challenges: Earn Overclock and the Renetti

New Battle Royale Class: Spotter

Defend Your Honor in the Warrior’s Path Event

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