Call of Duty Season 2 Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is expected to be available soon, with these features

Call of Duty – Black Ops Cold War and Warzone release the details about the latest Season 2. The new Season 2 of the Black Ops Cold War raging on Cold War and Warzone.

This delivers incredible amounts of free content including a brand-new Zombies experience, six free-to-acquire weapons, four new maps, new points of interest in Verdansk, and much more.

The update for season two, the Black Ops Cold War will receive from February 23rd, while the Warzone will receive an update on February 24.

With the start of a new season of content, these updates will include quality improvements and bug fixes for current Black Ops Cold War and Warzone games. For more information about the content of these updates, see Treyarch’s Game Intel blogs for Black Ops Cold War patch notes and Raven Software’s Twitter for Warson patch notes.

Note: The Black Ops Cold War does not require downloading if you only play Wars.

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As a small reminder, console players can also choose to uninstall/remove other data packs if not required for the entire data size. For comprehensive information on storage management for Black Ops Cold War, read this article.

To get all of this content but not the full version of Black Ops Cold War? Now is the best time to buy the game – Get to know Join Alex Mason, Frank Woods, and Jason Hudson to hunt down the global threat nickname “Perseus”. Take part in a variety of new competition modes and maps in multiplayer and test your abilities by dealing with immortal horror situations as Requiem’s ​​agents in Zombies.

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