Chip shortage is not a disaster but its an imbalance between demand and supply: AMD CEO

Lisa Su became AMD’s CEO in 2014. She succeeded in turning the company around, taking away a lot of market share from Intel, and resolving the financial crisis. In just six years, AMD’s market value has soared from US$2 billion to more than US$90 billion.

On Wednesday, AMD announced a stock repurchase program with an amount of US$4 billion, which shows that AMD’s financial situation is very healthy. Nevertheless, Su Zifeng still dare not care, she said: “There is no doubt that things have not become easier. We are in a highly competitive market. We have great ambitions for what we want to do.”

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No large chip company has ever hired a female CEO before, and Su Zifeng is the first one. She believes that her main achievement is to win back AMD’s reputation for “delivering on promises” and to convince customers that AMD can continue to improve its products.

After the new crown became popular, the demand for remote computing increased. At this time, Intel was struggling to optimize manufacturing technology, but AMD was advancing.

Speaking of the recent chip shortage, Su Zifeng believes that this is not a disaster, it is only because of the periodic imbalance between supply and demand in the semiconductor market .

For the chip industry, customers are more willing to pay attention to long-term commitments, which is a glimmer of hope. Su Zifeng also said: “Usually everyone is planning their own world alone. Now we must plan together.” AMD chips are manufactured by TSMC, and Su Zifeng believes that the supply of AMD chips will continue to “improve” in 2021.

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