Elon Musk: Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event will be held on June 3

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the delivery of Tesla Model S Plaid will be held at the California factory on June 3rd. He also said that the Tesla Model S Plaid is the fastest production car in history, accelerating from 0 to 60 mph (about 96.56 km/h) in less than 2 seconds.

Earlier, it was reported that the first batch of Tesla Model S Plaid factory drawings was exposed, and overseas car owners who ordered the new Model S received a delivery notification email from Tesla, which showed that the new car ordered will be from June 1st to June 1st.

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Delivery will take place between June 30, and Musk initially promised to start delivery in February. In addition, some overseas media exposed a video of a Tesla Model S Plaid or Plaid + prototype car at the Laguna Seca Raceway. It is said that the Model S Plaid is equipped with three electric motors and can reach a maximum speed of 322 km/h.

It takes only 1.99 seconds to accelerate to 100 kilometers. In addition, it also provides a cruising range of about 563 kilometers, while Model S Plaid + will be faster, with a cruising range of at least 837 kilometers.

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