EMUI 11 will support customizable navigation gesture sensitivity

Google has released a first developer preview of Android 11, and developers have noticed that it includes new features including double-click gestures on the back. According to Huawei Central, Huawei is expected to add a navigation gesture sensitivity adjustment function to EMUI 11.

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As shown in the recent developer preview, Android 11 has brought some new features including the tweak in the ‘back’ gesture’s sensitivity. This allows you to adjust “Left” and “Right” side touch sensitivity and to extend the activity area according to your requirement.

Image Source – 9To5Google

This tweak is made available due to the unresponsiveness of the default sensitivity in some scenarios and this customization will allow you to adjust accordingly.

EMUI 11 likely to inherit this feature from Android 11, which we also expected earlier this month in our wishlist. However, Huawei can make some additional improvements but we’ll have to wait until HDC 2020 (for consumer business).

Navigation Gestures in EMUI 10

Source: Huawei Central

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