Facebook preparing to file antitrust law suit against Apple: Report

Apple is already fighting against its first antitrust lawsuit filed by Epic Games of Fortnite, the lawsuit was filed against the US tech giant for seeking the changes to the company’s business practices. The company alleged that Apple cuts 30% fees for the in-app purchases.

Now according to the latest news, Facebook is also preparing for an antitrust lawsuit against the Cupertino tech firm. The company alleged that Apple is forcing the developers to follow the App Store rules that are not applicable for its own apps.

Along with the legal experts, the social media giant is working on the case for months. Apple gives very limited independence to third-party apps and even it does now allow any third-party apps to set as a default against its own apps, although this has changed with the latest iOS 14 update but it is limited to some apps.

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There are new changes coming to the App Store regarding app-tracking which gives an unfair advantage to Apple. Although the company gives a reason for protecting its user’s data. Ad tracking is the major reason for Facebook to file the case against Apple.

Although nothing is confirmed yet regarding the antitrust lawsuit and we recommend you to take it as a pinch of salt. Although we’ll keep you updated as soon as we receive something new on this matter.

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