FiiO M17 flagship portable HiFi music player announced, equip with THX AAA-788 PRO technology

by RPRNA Group

FiiO officially launched a promo,  announcing the M17 flagship portable HiFi music player. This product is an upgraded version of the M15 currently on sale and is expected to sell for more than 10,000 yuan.

FiiO said that the product will be released at the spring new product launch in May 2021 and is expected to be available in August.


The player is furnished with two of America’s top ESS DAC chip ES9038PRO, the chip 8-channel design, with up to 140dB dynamic range, supports 32bit / 768kHz PCM decoding and DSD1024 decoding.

The value of this chip in e-commerce is as high as 350 yuan or more. By looking at the amp, FiiO M17 is furnished with THX AAA-788 PRO technology that can effectively reduce distortion and ensure output power.

This technology is also applied to the M11 series of players, and the balanced output power can reach 550mW (32Ω). The output power of the FiiO M17 headphone amplifier is expected to be further improved.

Other parameters are as follows:

  • Screen: 5.99 inches, 18:9, 1080P LCD display
  • Main control: Qualcomm 660+4G RAM+64G FLASH
  • Headphone jack: 6.35/4.4/3.5/2.5
  • Line output: 3.5+4.4 LO
  • Digital output: USB AUDIO+RCA coaxial
  • Battery: 9200mAh
  • Power supply: DC12V
  • Charging: QC3.0+PD
  • Size and weight: 156.4×88.5x28mm, 610g

FiiO’s current flagship music player M15 is equipped with Samsung Exynos 7872 chip, using two AKM4499EQ DACs, with a balanced output power of up to 800mW under 32Ω.

The current value of this product is 8998 yuan (1,370.08 USD). Due to the suspension of production at the AKM factory in Japan, models equipped with this DAC chip solution will be in short supply in the future.


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