Fitbit heart sensor

Fitbit readying a better sensor to understand your heart

Fitbit has recently issued a new patent that will bring a valuable sensor to understand heart health in a better way. According to the latest information, the patent is for using a photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor on the wristwatch to track arterial stiffness.

To begin with, Arteries are the blood vessels that carry blood from your heart to the rest of the body. Although, if this blood becomes stiff, it could become a big problem and can make you rush to the nearby hospital. But thanks to Fitbit, for planning a better sensor to understand your heart health.

As per the details, the new PPG sensor can be functional in several ways. For instance, the sensor will track your heart situation while sleeping, working, or exercising. In addition, the company wants to implement other sensors that can measure temperature, stress, and strain.

Eventually, the handy gadget would be able to examine the report on your wrist and will alert you on finding some inappropriate facts, such as wrong pulse rate. Speaking of the patent, it includes a new wearable fixing structure, inertial sensor, and PPG sensor, as well as some CPUs.

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It hints that the new device will prove a benefit in different scenarios for users. On the other hand, we could find these tweaks in the next Google Pixel smartwatch as well. Though things are still under the hood, but we will keep you posted on this matter.

Fitbit heart sensor


Fitbit readying a better sensor to understand your heart

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