Ford announces plans to develop batteries for electric vehicles

In early February, Ford announced its intention to spend $ 29 billion by 2025 to develop electric and self-driving vehicles. Later, a battery development center was opened in southeast Michigan, which was called the Ford Ion Park.

It will house a centralized, multidisciplinary team of 150 experts in areas related to battery design and manufacture. According to the manufacturer, he expects to create batteries for electric vehicles that will cost less than current ones but can provide a greater range.

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Ford will also spend $ 185 million to set up a lab to develop, test, and manufacture batteries for electric vehicles. The 18,580 m 2 laboratory, scheduled to open late next year, will house the equipment to test new manufacturing technologies that will enable the company to rapidly scale up new battery technologies.

The structure will work in conjunction with the Battery Benchmarking and Testing Laboratory established last year. A laboratory worth $ 100 million occupying an area of 17190 m 2, is busy testing new chemical compositions for batteries. Since the opening, more than 150 different cell variants have already been tested and analyzed here.


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