GIGABYTE G24F gaming monitor launched with 165Hz refresh rate

The 2021 DOTA2 DPC China League Season 2 event officially kicked off on April 12. At the same time, this is also the first appearance of the Gigabyte G24F monitor as a dedicated monitor for the event.

DOTA2 has professional-level requirements for the quality of the screen, and Gigabyte G24F monitors have reached the professional-level e-sports requirements in terms of workmanship, parameters, and vision.

GIGABYTE G24F uses a 23.8-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1080P. Under this size, the player’s field of vision is more concentrated, making it easier to focus on the state of the game, improving the reaction ability, and avoiding the distracting effect of the picture caused by the oversized display. problem.

GIGABYTE G24F supports a high refresh rate of 165Hz (OC 170Hz) and the extremely fast response speed of 1MS MPRT/2MS GTG. In MOBA games such as DOTA2, a high refresh rate and low latency screen allow players to maintain a high degree of concentration.

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In terms of overall specifications, G24F supports 90% DCI-P3 color gamut and 8-BIT color depth. Whether it is 3A games or light PS work, this monitor can be easily competent to achieve both games and office.

This monitor also comes with many gameplay features, such as black balance, which can enhance the details of the dark parts of the screen. This is extremely useful for FPS players, effectively avoiding sneak attacks by enemies in the dark, and you can see the surrounding environment at a glance.

The FreeSync Premium function that comes with the monitor is also one of the standard features of the gaming monitor, which can effectively prevent the tearing of the game screen (N card is G-SYNC compatible mode).

In addition, the black balance of the display, the gun assist/aiming stabilizer, etc. can also enhance the gaming experience of some FPS players, and features such as eye protection and no flicker can also effectively relieve the fatigue caused by long-term use. In addition, OSD software control is also one of the characteristics of GIGABYTE monitors.

The mode and parameters of the monitor can be controlled through the software, and the software can be turned on or switched with one key, and it has more detailed settings to create easier and more convenient display interaction. Compared with button adjustment, it is more convenient to use the mouse to adjust. Gigabyte G24F monitor has been on sale, priced at 1,699 yuan.

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