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Google Android 14 Weekly Bulletin: Everything you need to know (August 26, 2023)

Google is busy with some eye-catching products these days including the major Android 14 upgrade and in case you have missed it then don’t worry as here is the weekly bulletin for August 26, 2023. Eventually, this is the place where you can grab all new changes and details regarding the upcoming capabilities as well as the major Android upgrade.

So without any delays, let’s begin the exploration of what the US tech giant has cooked for its users in the past few days with this Google and Android 14 weekly bulletin for August 26, 2023.

Android 14 Section

1. Google is working on an interesting eSIM transfer feature, making the device network as well as the communication sector more efficient for its users. Read More

2. The US manufacturer has started the migration of Health Connect to Android 14. But it looks like there are some glitches. Know More

3. Android Runtime is an internal app that has recently gained a new update. To our surprise, the latest development has raised the app startup by 30%. Read More

4. Users who are running the Android 14 Beta 5.1 can put forth their thoughts and opinions in the new survey HERE.

5. However, the tech maker has also initiated the Android 14 Beta 5.2 upgrade which is mainly focused on Pixel Fold and Tablets. You can take a look at the matter below:

Devices Section

1. The Pixel 8 series is already in preparation. Although a new model is appearing on the Geekbench which you must have your attention at. Read More.

2. Guess what! Google is planning to ditch the SIM card slot for the Pixel 8 series in favor of eSIM. What are your thoughts on this topic? Share HERE.

Google Apps Section

Now let’s make a go-through in the app section which holds a variety of new functions and additions.

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Google Android 14 weekly August 26

Google Android 14 Weekly Bulletin: Everything you need to know (August 26, 2023)

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