Google Discover Feed gets updated iOS-inspired visual design with Android 12

Google has released a new major change for Google Discover. The visual modification of the feed was originally introduced on iOS and is now used on Android.

The stories in the “Discover” feed are no longer placed in separate cards. Instead, place them directly on a flat gray or white background. This method can remove padding, but it eventually becomes very versatile.

In addition, since the article no longer features the first sentence, Google has not really taken advantage of this room for growth. Without description, all you get now is the cover image, title, and publication name/logo. This provides less context before opening the article.

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Elsewhere, the overflow menu in the lower right corner has a new icon with a share and “heart” button. These changes apply to the Google app and most feeds on the left side of the Android home screen.

When you are at the top of “Discover” on the Pixel Launcher, you will see fewer wallpapers. This description and the cardless design have been available on the iOS Google app for a long time.

When Google aligns the logo to the left instead of centering it, this new Discover look began earlier this month. At the same time, the “Snapshot” shortcut is located in a bright circle next to the profile picture.

All in all, this is a shocking initial appearance. As of today, only Google App Beta users on Android 12 have encountered this Discover redesign. Be sure to refresh the feed for the changes to take effect.

It did not appear on phones running early versions of Android and may be related to the rumored visual inspection of the upcoming operating system.


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