Google I/O 2021 schedule is out, more about Android 12 could be coming

Google has released the schedule for its 2021 I/O. In addition to the usually expected discussions (such as I/O and developer keynotes, “What’s new in Android?”) and (always great) fireside chats, there are some interesting new topics, such as “Using TensorFlow for Anomaly Detection” and “Serverless Demonstration Derby”. Moreover, during the three-day event, there was even a speech from Android Police alumni Liam Spradlin.

Those interested in Android should at least listen to the main I/O keynote, which is scheduled for 1 p.m. EST (10 a.m.). PT). If it’s too late based on your time zone, you can actually broadcast it at 4 a.m. Eastern Time, although I think a recorded version can also be provided on demand.

It is worth mentioning that many meetings this year are actually not set for a specific time, you can adjust it anytime and anywhere as needed. Also, keep in mind that Google usually does not discuss any topics it plans to introduce for the first time during the keynote speech. I’m not sure if the remoteness of I/O will change this situation this year, but we may see more discussion later.

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Curiously, Google seems to have abandoned the “operating system” in any conversation describing Google’s wearable device platform, for example, calling it “wearable.” There are also several discussions about the changes in Android 12, one of which is about the new look of widgets, which is very curious.

So far, the two biggest changes related to widgets in Android 12 are the “conversation” widgets (which may have nothing to do with it) and some smaller rounded corners. This may indicate that there will be more.

Developers should check several events in the “new features”, “AMA” and “Meetup” events specifically for the topics they are engaged in, and be as critical as possible. There are many overlapping events this year, and you cannot participate in all of them.

Google’s 2019 I/O schedule (the last occurrence of the cancellation last year) is currently decreasing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the final figure shows that the total number of events this year is more.

Star some events, plan some gatherings, and mark your calendar-Google can easily add them with just one click. If you must register for an attraction in any event with limited capacity, please remember that only one registration is allowed per time period.


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