Audio crossfades for a while before switching to other apps in Android 12 DP3

by Ashish

The new changes to the audio playback experience on Android 12 DP3 may cause a lot of divergences because when another application starts playing, the currently playing audio will now fade in and out.

It’s difficult to explain correctly, but let’s say you’re playing a podcast in Pocket Casts, and then click to play a song in YouTube Music. If you’re running Android 12 DP3, the audio will fade in and out for a few seconds before doing a full production. change.

This replaces the previous method, that is, only the currently playing audio is cut short, and then the new audio starts to play. Obviously, this will cause a bit of audio confusion when switching occurs, and it feels particularly messy when listening to spoken language or even watching the video and switching to music.

It is worth noting that when using the picture-in-picture video window in Android 12 DP3, the audio will fade in and out. You need to click the “Play” button again in any floating player because if you switch to another media app, the video will automatically pause-and vice versa.

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Although the old method may cause “shock”, audio fading in and out does not necessarily work in every situation. Of course, some of you will really like this transition, but if you just want to stop the audio, then it will become a two-step process instead of a button.

This is not ideal, because there is no option in the “Sound” section of the “Settings” app to disable any app that plays audio to disable the fade-in and fade-out behavior of Android 12. Hope that Google at least allows us to adjust this in the upcoming Android 12 Beta version.


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