Google spread awareness through wallpapers on International Day of Persons with Disabilities [Download]

Google wallpaper

Despite being a search giant, Google has a wide range of Pixel devices with the open-source capability of Android OS. Going forward, users can find a wide variety of wallpapers for Google devices, which are always unique.


Over the past few months, we’ve seen Google release some great, socially conscious wallpaper collections, including Hispanic Tradition Month, Mental Health Awareness Day, and national Native American Heritage Month. And now, it comes with a set of new wallpapers.

Google wallpaper

To celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Google has introduced a set of Wallpaper with some super colorful designs. Thanks to the artist Dana Kearley, who created these amazing wallpapers.

Users of Pixel 3 and later can find these wallpaper in the Curated Culture Section and styles setting. The creator made these wallpapers inspired by vintage animation.

Aside from these awareness-raising wallpapers, Google regularly makes efforts to embrace the disabled. The company continuously releases some powerful features to enhance users’ experience.


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