Google is rolling out new updates to its Android tablet apps

Google has clearly announced that it is working for the bigger screen. The company is all set to upgrade its Android tablet apps, which counts Google Docs, Google Sheets, Slides, Google Drive, and more. According to Google, the updates will come within a few upcoming weeks.

Android tablet apps update

Google Drive, Sheets, and Docs will get the power of drag and drop. Users can easily select and drop images and text from one app to another. It will help to maintain a single ecosystem among every software. Google is planning to open two files all at once, as it will help Google Drive to enhance the user experience.


Google is also adding Keyboard shortcuts that include very major and friendly shortcuts like Copy, Paste, Cut, Redo, Undo, and more. Users can also attach links to Drive, and images can be also inserted that are saved in your Notes in other apps by using the drag and drop feature.

Additionally, there can be many reasons behind these sudden updates, but the biggest reason coming out is that Google is setting its feet to make a grand comeback in the Android tablet market next year. Despite the fact, that when these updates will be out, the Android tablet app update will be so much relief to the Tablet users. It will also be beneficial for other Android tablet manufacturers who will see improvements in their devices.

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