How to remove personal information from Google Search

Google announced the elaboration of a feature that holds personal information that can be removed from Google Search results. It will permit Google users to remove personal and sensitive details such as login info, and more. Earlier, this was restricted to only bank details but now the new update allows users to control slightly more over their data that can be obtained through a general Google search.

Following are the data that you can delete from Google Search

  • National ID numbers,
  • Bank accounts,
  • Medical records,
  • Personal signatures,
  • Credit card numbers,
  • Login information,
  • Credentials, and more.

How to remove personal information from Google Search

  1. Visit the Google page to request the removal of personal information
  2. Fill correctly the answers of the questions, Google will ask to understand the content you want to remove
  3. After you submit the answers, Google will send you a mail for confirmation
  4. Google will analyze the request. If in case any information is missing, for instance, URLs, you will be notified to correct the information
  5. If the URLS fulfills the guidelines of Google, then either the URLs will be removed for queries or the URLs will be removed only from search results in which the query consists of the applicant’s name or other provided identity

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