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Google adds plenty of new Pixel Wallpapers in Cityscapes, Life, and Textures

Google is bringing a big bunch of new wallpapers for its Pixel users. As of now, you can explore through a variety of home screen posters under the Cityscapes, Textures, and Life categories. Perhaps, this new release is part of an unexpected Q3 2023 drop.

According to the information, Google Pixel device users will get 20 new wallpapers in the Cityscapes and Textures section. Meanwhile, the tech giant has added 21 iconic walls to the Life category.

The Life and Textures snaps mainly highlight nature in light or wispy shades. Consequently, the company has not altered the cover image for any collection. At the same time, you may not find name or credit on new wallpapers, when tapping the info icon.

Google new Pixel Wallpapers

Speaking of the timing, the manufacturer has recently released the Q3 2023 drop for Pixel phones including the foldable and tablet model. Probably, these wall posters could be a sign of a server-side update, just like the one we found for the Pixel Fold and Tablet last week. Read the full story HERE.

Both Android 13 and 14 users with devices ranging from Pixel 4a to the new ones, can access these wallpapers. Note that they are showing up in the Google Wallpapers app for non-Pixel devices.

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Google new Pixel Wallpapers

Google adds plenty of new Pixel Wallpapers in Cityscapes, Life, and Textures

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