Google Stadia Pro adding six new free games including Sniper Elite 4, more coming

Stadia Pro is Stadia’s premium subscription service, which includes new titles Sniper Elite 4, The Gardens Between, Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek and more.

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Google continuously adding games in Google Stadia Pro, Previously it added games and even more in September. Now it including 6 new games that will appear from November 1, which includes Sniper Elite 4.

List of upcoming games:

Sniper Elite 4 (NEW on Stadia):

As an elite agent of the Special Operations Executive, infiltrate WWII Italy and destroy an Axis superweapon. This version of Sniper Elite 4 features Stadia-exclusive HDR support.

Risk of Rain 2:

The breakout survival roguelike comes to Stadia. Join forces with up to three friends in this innovative and haunting adventure from Gearbox Publishing.

The Gardens Between (NEW on Stadia): 

Wield control over time to unravel gorgeous puzzles in a rich, tranquil world.

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek (NEW on Stadia):

Hide & Seek (NEW on Stadia) – The sequel to the original Hello Neighbor makes its Stadia Pro debut. Get ready for more chilling hijinks and stealth action.


Hack security systems and take down a despot in this game of stealth and subterfuge.


Eldritch Edition – Unravel dark magics and unlock new paths to victory in this vast, beautiful exploratory platformer.

Subscribers should be sure to get them before the end of the month. And remember, once you’ve claimed these games for free on Stadia Pro, you can keep playing them for free as part of your subscription.

Additionally, two more big games also avaialble on the Stadio store including FromSoftware’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Watch Dogs: Legion. Furthermore, PUBG Season 9 is also launching on Stadio on October 29.

Via: Stadia

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